How to crochet a simple, little flower

Hello my lovely friends!

Today I will show you a tutorial for a crochet little flower. This pattern is really simple and you will have your little flower in few minutes.

I used for my flower Schachenmayr smc Bravo in  lilac and Hook size 3.5 mm.

Let us begin:

Chain 3 and join with a Slip Stitch into a circle.
Chain 1, then work 6 Single Crochet into the circle.
Join with a Slip Stitch in the your first Single Crochet you made.



Now I will show you how to crochet your first flower petal.

Chain 3, 2 Triple Crochet in the same Stitch you just joined in
Chain 3 and 1 Slip Stitch in the same Single Crochet
So you did all your Stitches into the same Single Crochet and here is your first Flower Petal.


Slip Stitch into your next Single Crochet and now you work your next Flower Petal like you did your first on. Continue working your Flower Petals till you have 6 Petals. Fasten off and weave ends in. Tadaa you did your little Flower.


Have fun with your little flowers.


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  1. Hello.. was trying to find the pattern for the little dress on the top of your web page.. it is adorable.. thanks for sharing your patterns.. they are great!
    Donna beginner!

    1. Hello Donna … I am so sorry, but I do not have the pattern for this little dress …. I made it up on the go .. wishing you a great day

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