Around the Bases CAL

I wasn’t going to join the Around the Bases CAL. I have enough unfinished projects and many ideas in my head that I want to do. But I am pretty sure you all know how it works. So I thought – what the heck – one more project on my hand can’t be that bad, or?

I am joining and my square will be the Prince Protea Square. You can find the free pattern here.

This square is a real eye catcher and surprisingly easy to work.

I used for my square Schachenmayr Bravo Yarn in Nature, Yellow, Lavender, Lilac, Purple, Raspberry and Chartreuse with a 4 mm Hook. My finished square measured  9.5 inches (24 cm).


Nature for Round 1 and 2
Lavender for Round 3 and 4
Purple for Round 5
Yellow for Round 6
Nature for Round 7
Lilac for Round 8
Nature for Round 9
Lavender for Round 10
Raspberry for Round 11
Purple for Round 12
Chartreuse for Round 13

My square or better my circle after the first 5 Rounds. Wasn’t that hard when you keep track of your stitches đŸ™‚


Still a circle, but it’s growing and soon it will be a pretty square.


It’s becoming a square but still not there. Few more rounds and it will be perfect.


And drum-roll ….. here it is …. my Prince Protea Square