“Blue Moon” Blanket

Hello my lovelies 🙂

May I introduce you here my “Blue Moon” afghan. Why “Blue Moon”? Because I started this afghan when we had a blue moon, last year.  My blue moon was a second full moon in a month. And the colors also matches 🙂

It took me almost a week to decide which color will be the border … white or grey. Or will it look better the green between purple and blue or maybe I should place the blues in the middle …. always the same with me when it comes to arrange the colors and the pattern.


And even when I almost finished the blue moon blanket there where still this little voice in my head … maybe you should have done it with a white border 🙂


But after few weeks the “Blue Moon” blanket was born 🙂


made out of 90 squares and the size of 33 x 35.5 inches


Crochet your own “Blue Moon” Afghan with this crochet kit. It includes the yarn with the free pattern.


Wishing you all a happy day and see you soon