November Day’s

It is getting chilly in my little corner here in Canada 🙂 Still no snow in my yard but on the mountain peaks I can see lots of snow.


All my trees in my yard are covered in frost.



And I am glad that my chickens can still be outside.


I did some closet cleaning and found solid granny squares. I guess I will make a baby blanket out of it.


But I did finish my Christmas North Pole Tree Skirt and it is on its way to his new forever home.
If you want to crochet your own you will get the crochet kit here
Or if you want to use my pattern you will find it here


At this time I fell in love with the Corner-to-Corner (C2C) stitch and I made a little baby blanket. I have to start another one. It is so relaxing.


I made this V stitch a while ago and I am wondering how it will look when I work a V-stitch Corner to Corner. I definitely have to do one.


But right now I am working on Granny’s 🙂


So much to crochet and so less time for it 🙂
Wishing you all a happy day