A Baby Blanket for Precious Angels Society

Cara from Precious Angels Society contacted me last week and asked for a baby blanket for her organisation.

A little bit about Precious Angels Society: A non-profit organization to help grieving family`s who have lost a child. The goal is to place handmade blankets in hospitals for the parents to wrap their infant in at death. The blanket may stay with the parents for remembrance or follow on with their infant.

I was flattered at the thought that one of my blankets will a little bit cover comforting. And I remembered that I made a Baby blanket for a girl few months ago. I have not offered it for sale nor I have given it to one of my friends – what I usually do. Instead I kept it carefully. No idea why. It was as if my blanket had waited for her determination – and here it was.

I remember the day when Hannah was only 2 weeks old and she was very sick. We stayed at the hospital for more than 2 month. There were days when we did not know will she make it through this day or has she to go. It was the hardest time in my life. At the end we made it and I am so thankful for this. But this feeling I had at this time is deep in a little corner in my heart and every time one of my kids getting sick – only a little cold – this feeling comes alive.

And now is my little blanket on its was to a little angel.





2 thoughts on “A Baby Blanket for Precious Angels Society

  1. Hi I really like the story behind this blanket. I’ve been asked to crochet 22 DIFFERENT blankets and I crochet for charities and cancer patients. I’ve no patterns and I’m in hospital 8 weeks now with no wifi so I’m limited to what internet I can use.
    I was wondering if you’ve a pattern for this or any blanket/sampler patterns that cld help me get started? I’d appreciate any help. I’m new to crocheting although I pick up quick but I’m unsure of what sites offers free patterns. I’m a quick learner. I learnt to crochet in 2 classes and completed granny squares. I’m now sick of granny squares lol but I do like other motifs.

    1. Hello … This blanket was knitted and I am sorry I do not have any pattern …. I made the stitches up on the go …. but I think it will be a project for this year to make another similar blanket and at this time I will write it down how I made it …. wishing you a nice day

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