A Baby Blanket Named “Fall Impressions” with Classic Granny Squares – Part 1

Hello my dear Friends!

I know, I know it is July and it is hot. What am I thinking of? A Fall blanket in the middle of summer?

Why not! It will be probably finished at this time. Fall comes quick here in Canada and it would be really nice to have a blanket for this time. The main color is dark brown and then I added an orange, white, 2 different greens, light brown and yellow.

This Baby blanket will be also perfect for that special day in Fall – Halloween. When you go with your little one for “trick or treat” the blanket will match. 🙂
After a few days I had some squares. I made the squares in different sizes and colors. So it was really fun to do it. And then few days later – more squares.


It was really fun to play with the colors. The choices how to arrange the squares are endless. My girls could not stop to pick up squares and place them on another space. I had to stop this game before it comes to a dispute.


Finally all squares are placed! No two of these are exactly alike.

Now here comes the hard part: weaves all ends and joining all squares together. But this will be another story of the blanket “Fall Impressions”

Wish you all a nice day and see you soon