My little Teenage girl and her Granny Square Jacket

My challenge for this fall was to crochet a Granny Square Jacket for my daughter Sarah.

I remember the time when it took me only 1 day to crochet a little Jacket for her and now it took me more than 3 weeks. I want my little baby girl back 🙂

Sarah choose her own color shades with a black border. If you ask me, the colors are looking a little bit depressing. But I guess you have to be a teenager to love it.





After more than 3 weeks hard work and hard times on my eyes with this black yarn – A Granny Square Jacket was born. And she loves it.





After all I am still not done – now she wants some teddy ears on her hoodie and front pockets …. so off to do some more work on this Granny Jacket.

Wishing you all a happy day
Love Andrea