Poncho Time

Hello my dear friends 🙂

It is Poncho time : My little girls – ok, they are not so little anymore –  will visiting a good friend of mine. And what do need ladies when they go for a vacation? New clothes 🙂 and for sure new shoes. So my girls decided they need new Ponchos.

I have only few days to make them a Poncho …. so hurry up Mom 🙂

Sarah`s Poncho will be more in blue with winter themed colors 🙂


Hannah`s Poncho is more in pink like spring 🙂


I hope I will finish them in time so they can take their Ponchos with.

And now just a little short story to smile: I showed Matt – my husband – my not finished Ponchos and asked him “How do they look?” And his answer was “Nice my dear. They look like table runner from the 70th” I don’t know why I always ask him for his opinion, must be a bad habit of me. 🙂

What does your husband say about your work on your hook or needles? Maybe someone can top my husbands “wisecracks”


Wish you all a happy day and see you soon