A Fall Shawl for a good friend

Hello my dear friends 🙂 How are you today?

My kids are finally back from their vacation. I really missed all that noise 🙂 but now all back to normal.

At this time of the year you have to start thinking about what will you do for a Christmas gift. So I thought by myself a pretty shawl for a good friend of mine would make a nice gift. I looked up many different patterns in the internet and ended up with a half granny square pattern that I made up myself. I don’t know why I spend so much time on so many pretty patterns out there and in the end I grab my hook and my yarn and simply start. 🙂


I started the shawl in the color dark brown and light brown. But after a while I got bored of the colors and added a bright yellow , orange and a little bit of teal. Now here we go … the shawl has enough color to look happy and not bored and at the same time elegant.


After few days the shawl was big enough to think about the border. I want a simple border but also a little bit fancy. And I found one …. Cute little pompoms along the edge of my shawl 🙂

And here it is my Fall Shawl ….. ready for Christmas.


Wish you all a nice day